BareMinerals Prime Time Eye Primer

ImageAnother one I didn’t really get on with I’m afraid.  Its too sparkly for daytime but what really put me off was the texture. Its very thick and sets too quickly I didn’t get on with it at all. I found it made my eyelids look crepy. 

I definitely wouldn’t buy this again so I’m afraid this gets a big fat zero from me. 0/10

Bourjois Mineral Radience pressed powder

mineral radiance powderBourjois Mineral Radience pressed powder

This powder is highly perfumed so not to all tastes, I quite like that ‘old lady’ make up smell myself so it doesn’t bother me.

This isn’t a bad powder, perhaps a bit on the heavy side but it’s not one I’d buy again.  I bought the ‘Vanille’ shade because it was the lightest on offer but it was still too warm for my skin, I found it made me look too made up.

The texture is nice – quite velvetty and not chalky.

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder

IMAG0175 by GinPoodle
IMAG0175, a photo by GinPoodle on Flickr.

A work colleague told me that Bourjois make up is made by the same people that make Chanel, which would explain why this powder is so fantastic. Its got great coverage, doesn’t go all cakey or sit in your pores and lines and stays put all day. Give you a lovely velvety polished look too.

It does have a nice vanillaish smell which might get on some people’s wick but I’m all for it.

I’ve run out of this now and its definitely one I’d buy again, in fact if I hadn’t spent my entire lunchbreak making pom-poms I could have bought some today and made my face happy.

Collection 2000 Eyeliner – black

IMAG0177 by GinPoodleThis is a mega-cheap buy and is actually pretty good, it does smudge badly if you don’t use a decent eyelid primer but its fine for a handbag or last minute quick fix buy.  Having said that I wouldn’t buy it again, I’ve yet to find an eyeliner that beats the Avon Glimmersticks.
IMAG0177, a photo by GinPoodle on Flickr.

Maybelline Cover Stick

I quite like a solid cover-up.  This one is nice and thick and blends easily giving good coverage that you can building up over any real horrors. 


I don’t like it so much around my eyes because its quite pale and thick so it gives you the dreaded Pat Butcher look. It is very good on red patches and blemishes but it does need retouching every few hours. I’d give it a 7/10 so would buy again but not in love.

Avon Magix primer

So far this is the best primer I have found. It makes a visible difference to your skin, it really does smooth the surface, reduce the appearance of pores significantly and helps even out skin tone making this primer the only one that does what it claims to do.


Avon make a foundation/primer combo version that I don’t rate at all but in my opinion this original formulation cannot be beaten.


It does have quite a strong smell but I like that. The consistency is also much thicker than other primers, its almost pasty but maybe that’s why it works.