Union Jack Keyring

I made this gold, silver and bronze keyring in January this year at the Fleet Library Beading Workshop.  Again the tutor appears to have nicked this pattern from a magazine – is it just me that thinks she’s cheating? She passes the designs off as her own – even apportioning copyright to the text but then includes photocopies from magazines. I think that’s a bit rich.

Anyway, gripes about design theft aside, I like working in brickstitch, I like my beading to be neat and problems with tension are not an issue with brickstitch. If you look closely you’ll see it looks a bit hairy – that’s because I stuffed mine with kapok, everyone else left theirs flat and mine is much better if I say so myself. If I were to make another one I’d stuff it with felt and save myself the bother of snipping away at what looks like gooseberry fluff for hours.

I have this on my own set of home and car keys and it’s lasting very well indeed.  In fact I did think about making a pattern of my own and then making some more to sell  but then again I worry that they might be a bit twee. I have a bit of a horror of tweeness.

The colourway was more about using up odds and ends in my stash than the Olympics but I can’t deny it ties in very well.


Beading Workshops – Dutch Spiral

Last year I requested a spiral lesson hoping for a nice tight candy cane two-colour spiral. Of course our teacher Marilyn likes to do her own thing and instead chose a dutch spiral project using bugle beads. 


Let me tell you right from the off I didn’t like it. Marilyn’s one was all gappy and saggy, I find her beading tension too slack so thought perhaps it would turn out ok if it was stitched a bit tighter.. nope, turned out to be a duff project. No-one’s looked good.  I took some pics first but I cut it up when I got home. 


I think a lot of the problem was that my bugles were too big, it looked slightly better when people made it with shorter bugles but not good enough really. I think I’m a delica beader at heart.

Beading workshop – June

 I know, I’m always very late writing about the beading workshop. In June we had one of the best sessions this year I think. It was one of those projects that you look at and think ‘hmmn nice, but not for me’.  Its such a nice day out though that I normally don’t care too much what we make.  It was a mixture of seed beads and crystals on bead stringing wire and I thought it looked a bit twee. 

I take it all back. This is what I ended up with and I cannot tell you how many people comment on it whenever I wear it.  It gets so many compliments. I haven’t made any more of them because it does take forever and the crystals are quite expensive but it was nice to make so you never know. I might change the pattern a bit, perhaps experiment with cubes in there somewhere and perhaps it’ll end up in my new Etsy jewellery shop one day. If I ever manage to get it up and running anyway…