Tesco Own Brand Maximum Hold Hairspray

To keep it short and sweet this hairspray is simply the best I’ve found.  At only 74p a can, and its a pretty big can, you wouldn’t expect much from it but if you’re a vintage loving girl this is the stuff for you. I have fine mid-length hair and this will hold a beehive constructed out of nothing much all day long, even if its a damp windy day. Great for taming fly-aways too.



Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

wpid-20140203_071322.jpgMy all time favourite body lotion. It smells like white chocolate, its delicious and it means you leave the bathroom in a good mood.  Rub a bit extra in your dry bits and they’ll go away. I’ve never had irritated skin from shaving my legs after using this.  Its better than any premium brand I’ve ever used. Why pay more, you can get this anywhere, its a classic.

My top tip with this is that it’s much easier to work with when its warm so I put mine on the heated towel rail to warm it up while I’m in the shower, which is why the label looks so ropey in this picture.  In the summer you won’t need to do that at all, but when its cold it thickens up so you use a lot more of it if you don’t warm it up first.

It is thick but its not heavy, gloopy or greasy, it sinks into your skin fast, its easy to smooth over your skin and smells like a hug from your mum.

I have the lip balm too, but that’s not so good.

Clarins Eye Contour Balm

images2TYOLJS0On the tube it very modestly claims to soften fine lines.  That’s it.  I’m so used to products promising the earth, the moon and the stars above I wouldn’t be too surprised to find an eye balm that offers to do your hovering.  Its a surprise to find something that does one thing and does that thing really well.

I love this, I bought it after talking to the salesperson which is not something I usually do because I hate having things sold ‘at’ me.  I think I’m going to have to rethink that standpoint though because if I hadn’t spoken to her I would have used far too much of this.  You really need the teensiest bit, about a millimetre or two that you pat below your eye and out over your crows feet. Once a day. I went for last thing at night but you can do it anytime.  You really don’t need to use it any more than that.

Quite simply it works. My eyes looks tons better for using this and the effects were fast.  My crows feet diminished rapidly and even now I’ve used it up they haven’t come back nearly so badly. I will definitely buy this again but I have another two eye products to use first.  Love it.

Because you only need to use a little bit it lasts for a long long time. I reckon I used my tube for a good six or seven months.  I’ve got a tip for you too. When you think it’s empty pop it in your handbag and let it rattle around I there freely for a couple of weeks and you’ll find there’s another week’s worth in there. 10/10

bareMinerals Active Cell Renewal Night Serum

ImageI haven’t used a serum in a very long time. No real reason for it I’ve just let it slip from my routine. I bought this one by chance – it came as part of a set I bought from QVCUK.com, they do very good deals on beauty brands. My one was only 15mls but if you buy it direct from BM its £38 for 30mls. 

If that seems like quite a lot of money it will last you months on end so don’t be put off by that. My 15mls lasted for ages.

I am always sceptical about claims made by skincare companies, there’s just so much junk out there but this stuff is the real deal. I noticed a big difference right from the first time I used it. You will wake up looking really well. I wake up with skin that is smooth, fresh looking and unlined. I’ve tried not using it for a day or so before going back to it and I always notice the change.  I’ve actually run out of it at the moment and I can feel the loss every morning. 

The texture is very smooth, it goes on nice and easy all over and sinks in immediately so your skin doesn’t feel greasy or clogged. Its not overly scented, it just has a light sort of herby smell.

I’m definitely buying this again, its youth in a dropper.


Neutrogena pink grapefruit face wash

ImagePink grapefruit is my favourite smell for toiletries.  If there is a pink grapefruit option I will normally plump for it, to the extent that I used to buy a Body Shop soap quite regularly just for the smell, I don’t really like soap, its too messy slopping about on the sink and god knows what filth gets pressed into it.

 I’ve veered quite a long way off track there.  This facewash is a winner. It lathers enough but not so much that it foams up into your eyes or mouth, it cleans the face very well and it smells lovely.  It doesn’t dry my skin out and it works well with my TreSonic face brush.  I’ve been trying to make it last but the sad day has come and I have to move on. I’m giving this 10/10 and will definitely be buying more.

 Its some kind of Elemis resurfacing thing next, I’m really not that impressed with Elemis so I’m missing the pink stuff already and it’s only been 13 hours.

Mally Volumizing Mascara

Mally Volumizing Mascara

Only available in the UK via QVC either on tv or their website.  To buy a single mascara is £17.50 but it makes much more sense to go for the multi-buy option I’ve linked here – 6 full size mascaras for £44! Plus QVC gives you 30 days to return the mascara if you don’t like it, even if you’ve used it.  Really. Saying that if you try this mascara and don’t get on with it I’d be amazed. 

This is the best mascara I have ever used, it knocks spots off everything else out there including my previous all time favourite mascara brand – Lancôme.  Its even better than Clarins’ Wonderlash which I loved.

This is the blackest of blacks, you only need one coat on your bottom lashes and two coats on the top lashes, it doesn’t smudge or wear off – you will not need to put on a fresh coat after a day at work.  You won’t have clumpy or nasty spikey lashes, you’ll have a glorious thick sweep.

I’ve actually thrown away my mascara wardrobe, I used to use several depending on what combination of wand/mascara worked best for me. 

Asper and Jones Peony Hand and Nail Cream £4.99 for 250ml from TK Maxx


Normally I would buy a 75ml tube of handcream from Superdrug, a Vaseline or own brand one for a couple of pounds and then not use it very much, so on volume alone this is a good deal.  I bought mine on a recommendation from a friend and I love it. 


 The only thing that worries me about this handcream is being able to get hold of more of it in the future.  The stock at TK Maxx is very random and marvellous for it but I know I will want more of this when the time comes.


 The smell is absolutely divine, it’s a realistic rather than synthetic smell and you can smell it on your skin for quite a while after you’ve put it on.  It is floral, but not sickly or ‘old lady’.  On top of all that this stuff actually works.  I’ve noticed now that I’m in my 40’s my hands do get dry and in the winter especially they can get very dry and even cracked in the webby bit between my fingers.  Where I used to be rather slap dash about putting on hand cream after washing my hands now I do it every single time.


 I find the cheapo versions do very little at all, I did use the Clarins one for a while and that does work well but the smell isn’t that great.  With this one the only down side is the size, it’s a huge tube so you can’t carry it around in your handbag.




I would say you will see a benefit to the appearance of your hands from the very first time you use this.  Keep going with it and your hands will be softer, look younger and be more smooth within a month.  


 I do an awful lot of knitting, crochet and sewing which makes my fingers very dry, what I try to remember to do now is to slather on a generous amount of this before I start knitting to stop the yarn from drying out my fingers too much, obviously let it sink in properly before you start working if you want to do this but I haven’t noticed and transference of product onto my knitting or sewing.