Neutrogena pink grapefruit face wash

ImagePink grapefruit is my favourite smell for toiletries.  If there is a pink grapefruit option I will normally plump for it, to the extent that I used to buy a Body Shop soap quite regularly just for the smell, I don’t really like soap, its too messy slopping about on the sink and god knows what filth gets pressed into it.

 I’ve veered quite a long way off track there.  This facewash is a winner. It lathers enough but not so much that it foams up into your eyes or mouth, it cleans the face very well and it smells lovely.  It doesn’t dry my skin out and it works well with my TreSonic face brush.  I’ve been trying to make it last but the sad day has come and I have to move on. I’m giving this 10/10 and will definitely be buying more.

 Its some kind of Elemis resurfacing thing next, I’m really not that impressed with Elemis so I’m missing the pink stuff already and it’s only been 13 hours.

Elemis Tan Accelerator


You are supposed to use this for two weeks before going on holiday to maximise your tan, from what I had heard from other reviewers even fair skinned people like me who don’t really tan very much at all get a nice colour.  Putting that aside it is supposed to be a really nice moisturiser that you can use on yoir face and body.

Im my experience neither of those claims are true. It has a slightly unpleasant fake tan smell, it does sink in quickly enough but what it does is negligible.  As for the spf 4 really what is the point? 

It didn’t work as a tan accelerator either. I’ll stick to my fabulous Gatineaux. 0/10

L’Oreal Revitalift Repair 10 Night


When I bought this I imagined it would be a lot like the Olay Total Effects, they do seem to have after all gone out of their way to make the packing as similar as possible.  Couldn’t be more wrong, the texture is completely different and so are the results.

I’m a fan of Total Effects, its one of the most reliable and effective moisturisers I’ve ever used and often out-performs the big expensive brands and the results appear quickly.

This stuff is pretty much the opposite of that. The texture wasn’t particularly nice, it had the feel of silicone as it went on, the smell was quite plasticky and it didn’t make any difference to my skin one way or another.  Not something I’d buy again.

I’m giving this 2/10 because it didn’t give me any skin problems but that’s the best I can say for it!

Garnier Fresh Essentials – Eye make-up remover

This is actually one of the best eye make-up removers I’ve ever used. It literally melts the make-up off without any rubbing. You don’t need to use tons of it, I found one cotton pad for each eye was enough. It made short work of both my Mally and Eyeko mascara which is a bit of a feat in itself.

Its a Garnier one so its nice and cheap too.Image

Elemis – Balancing Lavender Toner

balavton-largeI bought this as part of a set from QVC, there was only 50mls of the toner but a full size of the cleanser so I was a bit worried that this wouldn’t last five minutes but I’m very happy to say it lasted for ages, at least a couple of months because with this toner a little goes a long way.

I found I only needed to use about 3-4 drops on a cotton wool pad to do my whole face and my neck.  The lavender scent is quite strong, which I like because it smells nice and fresh, but if you think of it as an old lady smell don’t worry, the smell does not linger on your skin.

I really go to town cleansing my face, I do subscribe to the ‘spend as much time taking your makeup off as you spend putting it on’ view so I wonder sometimes if I need to bother with a toner at all.  After using this the need for toner is obvious, it finds little bits of cleanser that I’ve missed and sometimes I’d even see my yellow-toned Bare Minerals primer on the pad! Despite it being hard working it does not tighten your skin up too much or leave it feeling dry, just ‘finished’.

Its good stuff, now I’ve used it up I’m going to miss it. I’m waiting for a full size to come up on offer on QVC to replace it.

L’Oreal Collagen Replumper – day and night creams


I bought these when they were on some sort of mega deal special offer at Sainsbury’s in the summer. I love them, but of course now I’ve decided I love them I’ve never seen them since. Has L’Oreal stopped making them? 

Honestly they do what they promise, your fine lines will look diminished and your skin will look plumper in a youthful way not a bloated greasy way. The texture and smell of them is absolutely lovely, especially the night cream which has a gorgeously thick texture but sinks into your skin without leaving a residue on your skin (or your pillow).  

The glass pots are a generous size and are really attractive, especially the night cream which is a lovely Moroccan blue shade, the daycream is more of a lavander colour, they certainly not a pot you’d need to hide away in the bathroom cabinet.

If I see these two little beauties again I’m definitely going to buy them. Nothing else I’ve used   in the last year has come close, apart from maybe the Superdrug Teatree moisturiser which was a surprise superstar when I tried it.