BareMinerals Prime Time Eye Primer

ImageAnother one I didn’t really get on with I’m afraid.  Its too sparkly for daytime but what really put me off was the texture. Its very thick and sets too quickly I didn’t get on with it at all. I found it made my eyelids look crepy. 

I definitely wouldn’t buy this again so I’m afraid this gets a big fat zero from me. 0/10


Mally Volumizing Mascara

Mally Volumizing Mascara

Only available in the UK via QVC either on tv or their website.  To buy a single mascara is £17.50 but it makes much more sense to go for the multi-buy option I’ve linked here – 6 full size mascaras for £44! Plus QVC gives you 30 days to return the mascara if you don’t like it, even if you’ve used it.  Really. Saying that if you try this mascara and don’t get on with it I’d be amazed. 

This is the best mascara I have ever used, it knocks spots off everything else out there including my previous all time favourite mascara brand – Lancôme.  Its even better than Clarins’ Wonderlash which I loved.

This is the blackest of blacks, you only need one coat on your bottom lashes and two coats on the top lashes, it doesn’t smudge or wear off – you will not need to put on a fresh coat after a day at work.  You won’t have clumpy or nasty spikey lashes, you’ll have a glorious thick sweep.

I’ve actually thrown away my mascara wardrobe, I used to use several depending on what combination of wand/mascara worked best for me. 

Clinique High Impact lipstick – No. 17 Rosette

downloadThis lipstick came as part of a Bonus Time set so I can’t tell you how much it would cost but I’d imagine it would be around £20.

Just so we’re clear from the start, for me its not worth the effort of looking up the price because I everwon’t be buying it.  I’m not a fan of Clinique lip colours, I’ve also been disappointed with a lip gloss in the past and I’m pretty sure I’ve tried the lipstick before and not got on with it.

The colour is not one I would have chosen  – its too dark and brownish for my colouring so its ageing on me but its the texture I really don’t like. It has an odd grainy feel as if your lips are in dire need of exfoliating.  I find myself pressing my lips together all the time when I wear it trying to smooth out the texture so the colour doesn’t last very on me either.

The packaging is hideous too. I’ll give this 0/10. Seems harsh but I really don’t like anything about it, this lipstick will be in the bin before this post has finished uploading.



Mally liquid lip colour

imageI am a fan of Mally, I love watching her on QVC, she’s so funny, she gives great tips and her signature look is fabulous.

I don’t like everything she does, her mascaras are incredible and so are her crayon eyeshadows, her black eyeliner is one of my favourite things. Her two-step concealer I think doesn’t do the job as well as some cheapo ones I’ve used and that odd gelish gunge that’s supposed to be better than face powder you can keep.  Now I’m adding this lip colour to my list of avoids.  The applicator is horrible, you have to click the end to push the colour up through the brush. Its so noisy! I hate it.  The texture of the lipcolour itself is horrible, its too thick and pasty, its like smearing icing over your lips. The colour is beautiful, its the exact shade of pink I have been looking for but its gone within no time at all of applying.

Terrible stuff. 1/10 for being the right colour.

Knitting Group – Bit of a disappointment

Tonight was the Fleet machine knitters group – hand knitters and crocheters also welcome.

I like my knitting group, they’re a lovely bunch and the organisers get some great speakers or think of some very interesting themes. Its only once a month and I always look forward to knit night.  Tonight we had a talk from a knitting pattern designer who shall remain nameless.

The main problem was she designs for large sizes, so without being rude she’s was a large lady herself so standing right in front of the screen meant I could only really see the bottom left section of the screen she was projecting her presentation on.  Though what I did see of the presentation was deadly dull.  Here’s my best tip for those of you giving presentations.  Please don’t do dozens of slides of text that you then basically read out very slowly.  Its torture.

She did have some samples, swatches, leaflets and bits and bobs, but she kept her body turned towards the left side two thirds of the room and would only turn her head in our direction once in a while, so of all the stuff she brought I only clearly saw ONE thing. I left as soon as I could without looking rude.

Oh yes the other thing that irritated me was when she was talking about grading patterns, at one point she talked about selling a pattern to a major magazine and found that the pattern editor graded it down so that the size range was for 8-24 instead of 16-24.  What annoyed me was that she complained that they’d made it available to ‘sticks’ when it was meant for curves.  Well let me tell you lady, being a plus size does not make you more ‘real’ it just makes you a plus size and being a size 8 or 10 does not mean you are a stick. I’ve got curves a-plenty in my size 8-12 body and I won’t be swamping them in your clunky designs.

I did manage to do 10 rows of a nice variegated pink snood and had a lovely chat with Phyllis about Unravel at Farnham last week.  I love Phyllis.

There was a nice bit of Show and Tell at the start so I’m glad I went, that’s the best bit having a squizz at what other people have made.  Someone did the most gorgeous heavily cabled cardigan.

Clinique Even Better Foundation


After all the heavy advertising on this product I can’t say I was all that keen to try it for myself. There is something about that liver-spotted egg being glooped over with runny beige that I find off-putting.

So, a friend of mine bought a pot and didn’t get on with it, she thought the coverage was a bit disappointing so she passed it to me.  Yeah yeah I know some people might turn up their nose at the idea of using someone else’s makeup but my friends are all clean and tidy, the only thing I’m going to catch from them is a bit more style.

So, I gave it a good go, it’s a nice foundation and I found the coverage to be pretty good but it wasn’t all that.  Actually I find the Clinique tinted moisturiser nicer.  I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between using this and Rimmel. It lasts well enough if you use a powder over the top, otherwise it will get a bit shiney. Whiile the coverage is OK its not going to cover up dark patches, the advertising makes it look like you’d get an airbrushed finish that would do away with the need for concealer and that certainly wasn’t the case for me.

It won’t be tempting me away from my Bare Minerals. I’m going to give this a 5/10

Nivea Double EffectI bought this eye-makeup remover thinking it would be just like the Boots Botanicals Icelandic Moss, which is fantastic stuff. I have a friend who swears by that stuff and she’s never let me down on a recommendation yet.

This stuff is half wrong, the oily blue half is great, it does a lovely job of taking off all makeup and makes a decent enough job of getting off waterproof mascara, its only when you shake it up to mix in the clear stuff that it all goes wrong. The clear stuff has some magical property that renders the blue stuff completely ineffective, but once you’ve used up the clear stuff you’ve got a perfectly good oil based eye make up remover.  Luckily the clear stuff seems to mix in unevenly so you’ll get through it pretty quickly if you do decide to buy a pot of your own.

If you do like an oily make up remover, and I do, then go for the Boots Botanical Icelandic Whatever It Is.  In an emergency or if you like a cheap natural option just use olive oil, ok you’ll smell like salad dressing but its fantastic for taking off eye make-up, doesn’t irritate and its nice to your skin. Of course you’ll want to steer well clear of anything oil based if you have gel nails or lash extensions because it’ll lift those off too.

I’d give this remover 3/10.