New Year’s Resolutions

Yeah I know, they’re a bit tragic but I’m doing it anyway.

  1. Read at least 34 books this year.  Easy peasy, I’m on Goodreads so I’ve set myself a reading challenge.  Click here to see how I’m doing.  Right now I’m doing fantastically well, I have read no books yet this year and I’m apparently bang on target.
  2. Lose 20kgs.  Thought I’d chuck in the traditional fat bum challenge.  Though my bum isn’t actually that fat I have spotted a bit of thigh bulge today that has to be got rid of immediately if not sooner.  Then once I’ve lost 20kgs I’ll still want to lose another 10.  Then perhaps another 5.  We’ll see. I work for a law firm and the cakeage is immense and I loathe exercising so this one is a bit challenging. I also hate exercise clothes and seriously object to any heel lower than a kitten heel.  Keep thinking about taking up running but I also very much dislike outdoorsiness. And running.
  3. Do more embroidery.  I very rarely sew. Its the one thing I absolutely love doing and yet I hardly ever do it because I used to hand sew for a living and now I don’t and it may sound pathetic but its quite emotional for me and I’m a bit frightened I’ve lost all my skills. So much as I’ve amassed a huge quantity of yarn and patterns and stuff I’m going to scale back the knitting and crochet (except for snoods and Gin Poodles of course) and get back into embroidery.  I had a small test piece framed a few years ago and the framers asked me if I’d like to make more for them to sell.  So I might not be a complete ham-fisted duffer.
  4. Stop buying mass-produced junk.  You know that ‘make it, don’t buy it’ idea floating around at Christmas? Well I’m going to stop buying things from major chains and only buy handmade wherever possible.  I’ve had my last clothes shopping spree in 2016 so from now on I’m going to make my own clothes, at least they’ll fit properly and I won’t bump into anyone else wearing the same thing. I can try out embroidery on my own cuffs and that too can’t I? I’ve got a sewing machine up in the loft and I expect that is where it will stay because I don’t really like sewing machines.  Hand made clothes last longer because they’re better and every stitch is beautiful. I’m not expecting anyone else to agree or even see the simple beauty of a white cotton tacking stitch or go into ecstasy over a button hole, but your loss and all that.
  5. New Etsy shop. Once I’ve got my fingers back to being able to pick up with a needle a single thread in any fabric without looking I’ll be able to produce work worth selling. These are not going to sit well with super kitsch knitted poodle bottle cosies or even lovely vintage style hair accessories so they’ll need their own space.

Five resolutions are enough.

6. Oh but hang on. Food. Must stop eating things that make me ill, like fried things, fatty things, dairy, and eggs.  A doctor told me years ago that the odd sensation of my throat going all thick and gagging for hours after eating isn’t really normal and should be avoided. Spose he might have a point.

7. Bugger it I’ve thought of another.  I have a half brother somewhere.  Not even sure what his name is but I should find him in case he’s the head of membership of a major ballet company or something and can get me a hefty discount.


Wednesday Weigh-in

I’m always late with this, its shame that does it. Ok so I haven’t lost any weight. I’m 9st 9lbs, but my excuse is that I’ve had that cold virus that’s been going around and when I’m feeling rough the diet goes out the window.

I realised last night that even though I haven’t actually booked a holiday yet I probably only have just over three months before I have to buy a new swimsuit. Yikes. So 1lb a week is my swimsuit challenge, if I manage that I’m going to buy myself a gorgeous vintage style swimsuit like one of these:

Wednesday weigh-in

This week I am back to 9st 8lbs which is a pound heavier than I wanted to be this week but I’ve no-one to blame but myself and perhaps the head of our accounts department at work who brought in FOUR amazing birthday cakes on Monday.

Yesterday I had lunch at Glutton and Glee in Guildford which is just the most fantastic independent cafe.  I had a fancy schmantzy cheese sandwich and a pot of mint tea (loose leaf) – I could have had a diet friendly jacket potato, I didn’t.  Somehow I managed to resist their amazing cakes.  If you do find yourself in Guildford I do recommend a visit, it gets quite busy at lunchtime but ooh a bit of elevensies or a 3pm after shopping spot of cakeage never goes amiss.


I didn’t get around to doing my Wednesday Weigh in last week, which was a bit naughty of me but I had lots on.  Except poundage, I lost 1lb last week which I was very pleased with.

This week I have done exactly the same so I’m very happy indeed, on Saturday I had a lovely big slab of earl grey and orange cake while out shopping in Farnham so I was very pleased that didn’t do any damage.  The only problem is that makes me suspect I could eat a big ole slab of cake every week and get away with it and that is a slippery slope indeed.

This week’s numbers are: 9st 8lbs which brings me in at a BMI of 23.75 which is still on the high side but if I say so myself I’m looking well on it.


I’ve decided to give up Slimming World, well I’m giving up going to the meetings, not the eating plan, though from experience this is not a good move I’m going solo.  I’ve been going since the end of July 2012 and have lost over 2 stones so its been a massive success, I’m just fed up with the group. 

Our group got so big and unwieldy our consultant had to split it into two sessions, I can only make it to the later session which means I get home for half an hour then have to go out again just to get weighed and hand over my money but the group finishes too late for me to be able to stay on.  What is the point in paying £4.50 a week to stand on someone else’s scales?

This is traditionally where I start to go wrong, if no-one’s looking its all too easy to slip into mañana-mañana mode and bring back into bad habits then before you know where you are you’re busting out the size 14s again.  So I’m going to do my weigh-ins here. 

 Today I weigh 9st 10lbs, which is a bit of a shocker but me and  Andy went out for a massive Chinese last Tuesday so that accounts for the 1lb gain.  To be honest I think 1lb is getting off lightly considering how much I stuffed in.