Today I’m Making… Hermione’s everyday socks II

I made a pair of these last year in a pink and cream yarn. I enjoyed the pattern but I think I chose the wrong yarn really so I’m probably going to frog them. I didn’t really like the deep cuff either, so this version only has five rows of rib which is much better in a shortie sock, and I only wear shorties.

Thus version I’m much happier with, the contrast cuff, heel and toe are Travel Knitter yarn left over from my Beton Brut shawl, It’s such a beautiful colour, you can lose yourself in it quite easily. The name of the main yarn escapes me fur now but I’m pretty sure it was discontinued ages ago. Was it a Debbie Bliss sock yarn? I think it’s Rialto Luxury Sock.

The other half asked me if it was possible to knit a whole sock in a day if I start first thing in the morning. I know I’m not up to it but I’ve seen people whizz through a sock on mini circs so maybe it is possible. I know I’m not up to the job though.

Mind you it would be nice to have the pair done to wear on Saturday to Creative Crafts if the bloody snow does come.

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