Today I’m Making… Rose City Roller socks

This is my second pair of Rose City Rollers, I think they are going to be my favourite socks yet. I love the sparkly rainbow colour and I’ve knitted a deeper rolled cuff this time to really show that part off.

The only thing I wish I had changed was I think I should have gone for an afterthought heel. I haven’t been brave enough to try one yet but how hard can they be? Everyone’s at it.

The needles I’m using are Knit Pro Cubics, its my first time using them (I think I bought them at Unravel this year) and I am totally in love with them too. I thought they might feel a bit awkward in the hand or be a bit hard on the fingers but its quite the opposite. They seem to be helping me avoid gripping the needles too tightly which is something I’m often guilty of.

The beauty of short socks like these is that they use very little yarn so I really think I can get two pairs of these out of one ball, but I’m nothing if I’m not risk-averse so for the second pair I think I’ll pop in a contrast heel and toe.

I wear DM shoes quite a lot and these go perfectly them, as you can see I made mine quite short so that the roll sits just above the shoe because I’m also a fan of ankle riser trousers and you really really cannot wear a longer sock with those.




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