British Yarn – No Kill Flocks

I know The Wool Sack keeps a proper updated list of no-kill wool producing flocks which is where I would tend to look if I were you for the most up to date list, this here is just meant for my reference. I’ve just had a quick look there and they’ve added some more sellers that I hadn’t heard of before since I last looked. So you can just read this and the next paragraph and skip straight to their page if you’re looking for a reliable source list.

I have quite a lot of acrylic yarn and untraceable wool in my stash. Let’s get this straight right from the off – I am not going to do away with anything I already own. Some of those beauties have been with me for decades just waiting for the right project to come along.

Several months ago I found out about Hooligan Yarns from a friend of mine’s Instagram feed, you must check them out, their posts are both cute and witty. Once I have finished my run of commissions for this year and started knitting up some of my stash I’m going to by buying yarn from no kill flocks. I think I’ll feel better about myself if I do that.

Since then I’ve heard about Alfie Purl who sell the most gorgeously dyed yarns, if you’re into lots of colour they are well worth a look because they have skeins ranging from more muted soft tones through to vibrant mixtures.

Of course there is also Doulton Flock who also have a lovely Instagram feed. This is the place for dyed solid colours, you can buy a shade card for only £3.50 which must be well worth having.

This one is new to me, just from the pictures the DK weight looks like the most deliciously squishy yarn. Home Farm Wensleydales

Last but far from least, Hawkshaw Sheep who I am not 100% sure are a no-kill flock but I can’t see anything on their website that talks about meat producing so I’ll take a punt because I think we’re safe here too. Call it gut instinct. There seem to be very small quantities spun so you’re getting something rare and beautiful for your money.

Update: Sue very kindly got in touch to let me know that they’re not entirely no kill yet but they will be from 2019, and that’s only a few months to wait so I’m not going to remove them from the list.

If anyone knows of any other similar flocks/yarn producers please do comment below. I’m going to use this as my resource for no-kill flocks.


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