Task/Treat organiser update

It’s the first of September so time to start a fresh list.

I’ve decided to colour code my tasks and treats, I had a bit of time on my hands today because I am stuck at home with a stinking cold.  If you fancy giving this a go you will need several differently coloured pens and a notebook.  Following the usual method in a previous post I started writing out my September list but this time I colour-coded the type of activity.  Here are mine but you should choose your own categories –

img_0390I don’t think it needs very much explanation, green for things I want to buy, entertainment is for things like reading books, watching a film or finding a new playlist on Spotify.  You will see the orange craft category fills up quite a lot space in my organiser because it’s my favourite treat.  Housework/Admin in pencil includes things like paying bills or having a bit of a tidy-up.  Red for places to go, whether it is a day out or somewhere different to go shopping.  Social/online to remind me to update all the various social media I’m not in the least bit addicted to or even to remind me to actually speak to a real life person using my voice. Health & pamper in red for exercise, manicures and supplements.

So this is what it looks like:  img_0389


It makes it much easier to see what’s on offer if you know you should really be doing more or less of a particular activity.  I’m thinking about housework and adminny things like doing my accounts, but there are times when I need to focus more on exercise and health.

The pink and the red are perhaps a bit too close in colour for the difference to be obvious in evening light so perhaps next month I’ll swap the red for purple.




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