On the news this morning they announced micro-beads will be phased out of production by 2020. I thought we all knew how harmful microbeads are to the environment already? I certainly knew and I’m just some woman somewhere. Canada is looking at adding them to a list of banned toxic substances. California has taken the positive step to ban them from 2020 onwards but elsewhere the target is voluntary and not every company has signed up to it. What I don’t understand is how comes the manufacturers need another 4 years to stop making them though? 

It has got to be more simple than that hasn’t it? I stopped buying products with microbeads in them ages ago when I first learned they were bad and I talked about it at home so my household is micro-bead free. Apparently lots of other people did the same thing according to the news this morning because the sale of products containing microbeads has dropped dramatically. But if one shower using a microbead infused product can release 100,000 of the blighters into the water supply then why aren’t we getting our skates on?

To me it’s obvious, don’t allow the manufacturers to dictate the pace. Of course it is in their interests to make it sound like production has to be phased out over a long time but it isn’t their call really is it? It’s ours. I think we could bring this forward to a matter of months if we put our minds to it with just TWO simple minimal effort steps: 

1. Stop buying products containing microbeads, they might not be described literally as microbeads, they could be on there as tiny capsules of something or as some kind of exfoliating scrub beads but you’ll be able to work it out.

2. Where you do find shops selling products containing microbeads, ask them to stop. It’s up to you how you do this but we all know the power of social media.

I am utterly convinced that if the demand is there from the consumer and the shops’ buyers don’t place orders for these products miraculously manufacturers will manage to end production way in advance of 2020. I think we can do this quick smart and be nice about it too. #banthebead



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