Today I’m Making… Le Moelleux shawl

I have been trying to make a shawl using these two yarns for most of this year, I think it was back in February at a Knitaway at the Westcliffe Knitting Hotel that I cast on a Knit Night  shawl but didn’t really like it, can’t really put my finger on why but it didn’t work somehow with these colours so I pulled it back and put it to one side.

imageIts not  obvious in this picture but the white yarn is an I Knit London Ziggy Stardust so it has silver running through that gives it the most gorgeous subtle shimmer and its as soft as anything so I’ve been dying to use it for something really nice.

Gerard, the owner of I Knit London made the most gorgeous Le Moelleux shawl that I’ve been mooning over for ages but I thought brioche stitch would be really hard so never seriously thought of making one.  Until one day an IKL newsletter popped up advertising new brioche workshops.  Well, I was on it like free cake. I was in on the first one and you know something? Brioche is easy. I would recommend a workshop if you can get to one but its not a lot more difficult than doing yarn overs.  I finished my workshop project  and that was it, I was straight to Ravelry to buy the Le Moelleux pattern.


I made one false start on my second trip to the fabulous Westcliffe Knitting Hotel when I misunderstood the pattern when it said tension didn’t matter.  What I was thinking I do not know but I took that to mean knit with any old tension anywhere in a row or rows.  Of course it looked hideous so I ripped that back too. I do wish I had dropped a needle size too but now I’ve started knitting with a more even tension its a delight.

I have a terrible problem with starting tons of projects and not finishing any of them so I’ve signed up (late) to the I Knit London Ravellenics team in the Shawl Sailing category to give me the impetus to finish it.

Right now I’m on repeat 16 so just about halfway and the deadline is the weekend so a pretty good chance I’m on the DNF podium.

So this is where I am now, the picture on the left is mainly to show my lovely moonstone ring that I’m very pleased with and that my manicure tones with my slippers beautifully.

The picture on the right is where I am tonight, now all I need is to do 5 repeats a day (= 2 hours to knit 80 rows) until Sunday and I’ll be able to cast off before the closing ceremony. Today I managed 2 repeats…



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