Today I’m Making… a jumper for me

I could have sworn I’d talked about this before but I’m probably getting confused with Ravelry because I can find no sign of a previous post here.

I have a problem finding a jumper that suits me in shops, nothing quite fits the bill, and my bill has a lot of items on it:

  • Must be a block dark colour, preferably black to minimise my bust;
  • No stripes or patterns around the chest area;
  • Must be fingertip length or at the very least 3″ below my bum (this also helps balance out my chest);
  • V-neck of course but not too deep or too shallow, I don’t want to expose cleavage but it needs to come close to be worth doing at all; and
  • Sleeves no shorter than elbow length, and I’d rather below the elbow than on the elbow

Limiting isn’t it?

On a visit to my local yarn store (not that local, its a good 6 miles away) for something completely different I came across this Stylecraft Cabaret pattern 9182awhich is pretty close to what I’m looking for, but without the stripes and if I made it much longer and perhaps the neckline is a bit low…

imageI’m having a trial run at making this with some plain black acrylic yarn I bought at Aldi (of all places) and am making it much longer, down to mid-thigh I think.  I don’t like this fussy cast on either, there is another option of just doing garter stitch for a few rows so I plumped for that.

I’ve also recently bought a book on designing your own knitting patterns so in a funny way I hope this doesn’t turn out to be quite what I want to spur me on to make my own pattern. I know a lot of people turn their nose up at acrylic yarn but it holds colour well and you can machine wash it easily enough, plus it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

imageSo far I’ve knitted the back and about a quarter of the front.  Not an awful lot of progress is it but it is quite boring just doing stocking stitch in black so no wonder I keep getting distracted by other projects (see Debbie Bliss yarn left)  I can’t quite remember when I started this, but I think it was the beginning of this year.  Crikey that’s not good is it, I really would like to wear it this winter too.

I’ve found some spare black shimmery DK in my stash so I’ll add a couple of low impact contrast stripes on the forearms of the sleeves.  I don’t like my clothes to be too flashy, I have lots of incredible vintage brooches so I tend to see clothes as a blank canvas to show off jewellery.

I’m also thinking about making my own clothes from now on too, I am bored with buying clothes that don’t fit me properly and are not quite the look I was hoping for.



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