Today I’m Making – Progress on the toe-up socks

I say progress, is it really progress if you realise they not going to fit?

I’ve finished one sock and its enormous.  Same as the last couple of pairs I’ve made these are closer to a size 10 than a 6.  What I should stop doing is following patterns that I know are not going to turn out right and go with my own measurements, so that’s what I’ve done.

I have cast on this little git’s brother but the next pair are going to be my own pattern and lets see if that fixes my baggy heel issues.  Do you see the odd pointy toe? Its happening again on the next one, sort of like it though. Happy to report I’m not flat-footed, evidence top left, I always thought I was growing up because I didn’t leave pretty damp footprints in the bathroom but looking back perhaps I should have been focussing on more important things like turning up at school rather than bunking off to see bands or go clubbing.

I’ve made slight progress with the book too (mini review here) his wife has left him for his best mate and they’ve skipped off to Mexico together.  I’m with her so far. The book in the picture I bought from I Knit London and its a Ronseal read, does exactly what it says on the cover i.e. gives you a load of cast on and off methods and tells you which type of project they’re suitable for. I’ve used a y/o cast off for the cuffs and I like it very much.


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