Today I’m Making – Hitchhiker shawlette #3

Today is my day off and I have promised myself I will finish three things today, the first is wash and iron my uniform for the rest of the week, which I’ve half completed i.e. I haven’t switched on the iron yet. No rush eh?  The other two things I have to finish are the book I’ve been reading for far too long  – Donna Tartt’s The Secret History and my Hitchhiker shawlette.  I’ve made two in the past, one in the same yarn but a different colour (black, white and grey) and one in I Knit London’s incredible hand-dyed Pool Party yarn.


I know, everyone makes Martina Behm’s Hitchhiker  but its such a great pattern, so simple and enjoyable to knit and it lends itself so perfectly to variegated yarns.  The yarn is a James C Brett called Moonlight Sonata, I don’t think they make it anymore, its a bit fuzzy and has silver lurex thread running through it, they say it is a DK but it is much closer to a 4 ply.  Its a shame if they don’t make it anymore because it is lovely to work with.


I love my Knit Pro needles too, I resisted buying them for such a long time because I really don’t get on with bamboo needles and I thought they would be the same but now I’ve got some I don’t want to use anything else, they’re an absolute delight.

Now I’m near the end I have to think about the bind off method, I’ve had a look though my Cast On, Bind Off book, which I can’t recommend enough but in the end with the small amount of yarn I have left and not wanting to spoil the design by adding fussiness I’m going to use a standard bind off to give a neat straight edge.


Happily I should finish my book today too, I’ve only got the epilogue left.  Its a great read if you haven’t read it I do recommend it, I used to read a book a month but now that I don’t commute into London anymore this is the only book I’ve read so far this year I think which is a bit shocking for me.  The story is really gripping, I’m not giving anything away that isn’t revealed on the first page if I tell you its about a group of students that murder one of their friends, how they cover it up as an accident and the psychological damage it does to them and those around them.  Fantastic book.

I haven’t left the house yet today and as it has just started raining it doesn’t look like I’ll be wandering far from the sofa yet.


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