Things overheard

This is a conversation someone had at me a couple of weeks ago:

Her: You know he has his own theeaytur company don’t you?

Me: No. [cringing at theeaytur for theatre]

Her: Oh yeah he’s always on at me to audition for it.

Me: Oh right.

Her: Oh yes he’s put on a lot of musical productions, he’s really into The Arts. You know the Steps?

Me: Ummm…? [does she mean 39 Steps?]

Her: You know that band Steps’ film?

Me: No.

Her: [as if I’d emphatically agreed] He was in that, in the backing, you know background for the um, man. You know the man in Steps? Him.

Me: He’s not into art really then?

Her: I’ll show you some pictures later.



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