Knitting a Chain on Christmas Eve

Its Christmas Eve and I have three days off to complete four orders so best not hit the Baileys as hard as I do usually at this time of year. I’m not having a big Christmas so having a good few things to make is ideal to fill up the time.  Its not that I don’t like Christmas, I really do and I’d love to have a big family Christmas but (don’t bring out any violins) but I’ve never had one of those and its never going to happen so here I am surrounded by yarn but no tinsel.

Anyway, one of the things I’ve been asked to make is a black version of my knitted chain scarf. Click here for an example in my Etsy shop. Goodness knows why I haven’t made a black one before because if I say so myself its coming along brilliantly.   

If you take a close look at this first picture you’ll see in the background my ‘to-do’ list notebook.  I love a good to-do list and I have a lot of things I should be getting on with, there are just under 300 items on my list which I think is verging on the out of control end of things.

I’ve tried knitting the links using the magic loop method and I just don’t get on with it, I don’t mind dpns too much and the fantastically loud metallic clattering sound they make when I drop them on my faux wood floor must surely make my downstairs neighbour sing with joy.

I bought a rotatinimageg yarn stick thing at Unravel this year, its hand-turned oak and cost about £28 I think; it’s quite a nice thing in itself  but not really necessary and the feller that made it used some sort of bearings in a roller contraption to make it turn so that’s quite noisy too especially if I stand it on the floor. I should have bought a yarn bowl like I intended but the wooden stick chap was nice and we got chatting and one handspun mitten kit turned into another and there I was with a spinning yarn stick/kitchen roll holder thing to lug home.  You can see it a bit here and in the final pic.

When I started knitting this scarf I was reading Daphne du Maurier’s Jamaica Inn, I haven’t read one of her’s before and I did really enjoy it, I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so ‘Forever Amber’ so that was a nice surprise, I thought I was in for some kind of Wuthering Heights slog. My copy is really tatty and yellowed with age so I can’t donate it to a charity shop, if anyone fancies reading it leave me a message here and I’m happy to post it to you. I’m now reading Dude Where’s my Country by Michael Moore and I’ve remembered about 100 pages too late that I can’t stand Michael Moore.

This is my lovely ladybird row counter, that I wear on a cord around my neck.  Its perfect for knitting while you commute and many is the time I’ve caught some city type giving me a bit of a funny look as I march across London Bridge with this still bouncing off my chest. It is quite big.  Again it is fairly noisy so apologies to everyone else on the train that thinks I’m cracking my knuckles every couple of minutes. Nice though isn’t it? I like a ladybird, though I did a stint as a PA at Ladybird books and that was not a positive experience. I’ve also worked with a woman that was terrified of ladybirds – that’s got to be a pretty unusual phobia hasn’t it? Anyway, my row counter was a freebie from one of those magazine subscription stands at the Knitting and Stitching show at Olympia this year.  I was nearly tempted to sign up for a subscription on the strength of the gift but thankfully remembered in time that I never actually read the magazines when they arrive and quite often can’t even be bothered to open the wrapping.  Have a closer look at the last picture below and you’ll see the mini mountain of magazines and boring paperwork I have yet to find any interest in.

So here we are with the current state of play, its just under a 1.5m long now so there’s still a fair way to go before it’s ready to list on Etsy for my customer but I think I can get it finished before the post office reopens on Tuesday.



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