Today I’m Making – one sleeve shawly wrap thing

I can’t claim this was my idea, my local knitting group has guest speakers whenever they can and one month we had a talk from a woman whose name escapes me and she had one of these on, basically she’d knitted a huge rectangle and attached a sleeve to one side, so you put your arm through that, pass the rectangle round your back, across your front and then drape it over your shoulder. It looked incredible so I’m making one. I am hoping it’s going to make me look like a super cool textile artist or Molly Parkin.

The yarn is a lovely rich vintage burgundy bouclé that I bought at a yarn sale at the same knitting group this year too, I’m not sure how much I paid for it, probably about £3 for about 400g, I think its probably a 1-ply, its very fine, almost like knitting with sewing thread.


If I’m honest knitting with such a fine thread on 5.5mm needles is a royal pain in the arse but I want a lacey open look. The first few rows were a nightmare and even 6″ in its way too easy to drop a stitch and its quite hard on your hands to control the tension. Its growing very slowly indeed so it may well be this time next year before I get to wear it.  I’m also a bit worried that I might not have cast on enough stitches but I’ll work something out if it turns out to be a bit skinny. I’m sure I can do another band if my nerves can stand it.

This slow progress is not helped by me having 20-odd projects on the go, this madness has to stop, it means I’m not getting anything finished other than stock for my Etsy shop ( and never anything for me.  Well from now on I’m a changed woman. No new projects until I finish this lot and I mean it.  Right now I really mean it.


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