Festival of Quilts – Part 2

I took so many pictures at the Festival of Quilts this Autumn, there were too many to post in one go so I’m going go blog them in dribs and drabs. Unfortunately I was too stunned by the gorgeous work to take enough notice of who the quilters were. I can only apologise for this, and if you are one of those people and you’d like a mention please do claim your picture. Likewise if you’d like a picture taken down.

This one I love for the colours and the intricate quilting. I absolutely adore the look of all those tiny stitches making these shapes. To me these look like traditional patterns and that’s what I really like. I’d love to learn how to do work like this.


Next up white on white work. I love this look, its so intricate yet simple, I think these three images were all from the same quilt, that diamond or checker-board shape really appeals to me, as does the shape at the bottom of the second picture that to me look like waves.  Then the interlocking hearts, you can’t go wrong with that can you? The tramline outlines are a nice touch and I think its quite hard to pull that off evenly.

SAM_2236 SAM_2237 SAM_2238

I’m not great with colour myself and sometimes riots of colour take away from the beauty of the stitches, its the stitches themselves I love and if your work is as good as this you can get away with white on white.


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