Today I’m Making… Another shortie scarf


What would you call a short scarf? A shortie scarf of a stock? I’m erring towards stock but I wonder if many people would know what I was talking about?

The one I’m making now is for a friend, its based on the green one I wear and spoke about a bit in my post earlier this year:

I’ve moved on a bit with the design since then, I’ve added a picot edge and I’m going to make it a bit longer to avoid cleavage chill and I’m toying with the idea of a button fastening but I’ll need to check with the person its intended for before I steam in with that.  To be honest I’m not sure it needs any sort of fastening, it doesn’t move around much under your coat but now I’ve thought of a button I’ve become a bit stuck on it.  I use a brooch to hold mine in place mainly as an excuse to use a brooch.  A button might be more practical but isn’t practicality the enemy of style?  I’ll take my military cape over an anorak any day.

The green one I made in a strip but because I’m using a picot edge on this one I’m going to make it in two parts and join it using Kitchener Stitch – which I have only mastered thanks to the Knit & Caboodle sock kit I took on holiday to Greece this year.

One other thing I’ve learned this year is that I really don’t like variegated yarn, they look fantastic as a ball of yarn but I’m not a fan of the finished result because it hides any patterning.  I do like self-patterning sock yarn. A lot. Self patterning sock yarn is a magical delight but variegated yarn is not going to enter my home again after I’ve used up the half dozen or so balls I have here already.  I’d expect that to take several years…


I bought this yarn at this year’s Knitting and Stitching Show at Ally Pally, the ball band claims this is a baby yarn but I’d expect a baby yarn to be very soft and this isn’t. Its fine for accessories but its not really a baby yarn though the colours make a nice change from the usual sweetie brights and pastels.


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