Learning a new skill – broderie anglais

I LOVE a workshop. I booked up as many as I could at this March’s Knitting and Stitching Show at Olympia. That is my favourite craft fair all year, its smaller than Ally Pally but not so mad and its in a more visitor friendly location, I think.  What I’m rubbish at is finishing off the projects I start in the workshops, but I really want to get into doing more handsewing so I made an effort to complete this one and here it is!

wpid-20140504_184504.jpg Its gorgeous isn’t it? Its a broiderie anglais lavender bag.  Not really the colours I would have chosen and probably not a design I would have gone for either and I know its a bit wonky but its a first attempt and I love it.

The workshop was run by Bella Lane, who runs embroidery workshops in Battersea, London. Do have a look at her website please, you’ll like it, its full of lovely images.  http://www.bembroidery.co.uk/

Bella herself is lovely, she’s a great teacher, her instructions are very clear and the kits she provided were fantastic.  There was more than enough thread, fabric and lavender to finish it all off. The only thing I added was some red ribbon to use as a hanging thread.

The instructions were really easy to follow – I think I could have made this even if I hadn’t attended the workshop to start me off. Have a look at the picture on the instructions and then have a look at my finished version at the start again to see just how wonky my one is!



Now all I need to do is come up with a design of my own to stitch, I do have a big project in mind but I am toying with the idea of using this to show a different backing colour fabric for something.  Its just a vague idea at the moment….

Here are the rest of the pictures from where I started it to the finish.

The first two holes, the top one was the first and is a bit ropey, by the second hole I’d got more of a feel for it.


I’ve really got cracking with it by now and let me tell you it is a lovely thing to do, from twisting out the holes to the oversewing its all a delight.


Eek! Scary cutting out bit.


 All cut out and trimmed off.


 An unforgiving close-up!





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