Today I’m Making… Knitted squares patchwork lap blanket

ImageSeveral years ago, back in 2009 in fact, I made this lap blanket and sold it in my Etsy shop – – and it is still getting views. I made this one because I either read an article or heard a piece on the radio about people with advanced alzheimers seeming to enjoy handling things that have a variety of textures so I made this one with all different texture yarns and stitch patterns and it sold pretty much straight away. It took ages to make and was a labour of love to sew up and its the sewing up that’s put me off making another one for all these years.


Now though, I’ve hit on an idea that means I don’t have to do any sewing up at all which is fantastic but I’ve only got one stitch pattern that I can make work with it but I think it’s still going to be good.

I am always tempted to use lots of colour but this time I’m going to stick with two colours and introduce variety through shade.  The main colour is white, but its acrylic yarn so it won’t matter if it needs washing regularly its not like it will felt or anything.  The other colour is grey for now but I might branch out into other colours if all this restraint proves too much for me.

The other thing I like about it is that its such an easy pattern I can do it while watching tv or commuting because I don’t have to think about it, the squares are pretty quick to make up too so hopefully I will finish this in time for winter! Mind you I haven’t finished that cathedral stitch cardigan yet either and I feel like I’ve been making that for about a year now.



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