OPI Avoplex nail and cuticle oil

I am a big fan of OPI products. I love Nail Envy, I just can’t be without it, my nails have been transformed from weak broken horrors to nails I am truly proud of.  Now Avoplex is doing the same for my cuticles and the tips of my fingers. Image

I was never quite sure what to do about my cuticles, they were never massive and hoary but still, a bit on the dry and raggedy side but I don’t get on with cuticle remover creams, they usually smell rank and do nothing much.  The tips of my fingers often have roughish patches of dry skin caused (I think) by the amount of crochet and knitting I do (I’m in the middle of an order for 9 snoods at the moment), the yarn running through my hands all the time but be what’s drying them out because I wear gloves outdoors as much as poss and I always always use a good quality handcream after I wash my hands.

Avoplex if used regularly – I aim for 2-3 times a day – makes such a big difference. My fingers are now soft and smooth and I don’t get sharp jaggedy bits on my cuticles. I do sometimes forget to use it but not for long. I keep a pot on the table by my seat at home, one on my desk at work and I carry a tube of Avoplex to Go in my handbag.  Image

You only need a little smidge on each finger and you can use it anywhere you have dry skin. Its avocado oil so don’t put in on before varnishing your nails, I tend to do it at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Massaging it in is really nice, in fact my boyfriend even likes it because he does an awful lot of cycling so his hands take a bit of a bashing from the weather. I’m not a massive fan of the smell, but I have a friend who absolutely loves it and its a unisex smell so men shouldn’t be put off using it.  If it smelt of something nicer I’d give it 10/10. Other than that I can’t fault it, its not even expensive.


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