Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

wpid-20140203_071322.jpgMy all time favourite body lotion. It smells like white chocolate, its delicious and it means you leave the bathroom in a good mood.  Rub a bit extra in your dry bits and they’ll go away. I’ve never had irritated skin from shaving my legs after using this.  Its better than any premium brand I’ve ever used. Why pay more, you can get this anywhere, its a classic.

My top tip with this is that it’s much easier to work with when its warm so I put mine on the heated towel rail to warm it up while I’m in the shower, which is why the label looks so ropey in this picture.  In the summer you won’t need to do that at all, but when its cold it thickens up so you use a lot more of it if you don’t warm it up first.

It is thick but its not heavy, gloopy or greasy, it sinks into your skin fast, its easy to smooth over your skin and smells like a hug from your mum.

I have the lip balm too, but that’s not so good.


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