Dove Summer Glow Soft Shimmer body lotion

ImageI do like this, it does build a subtle colour, on me but naturally I’m a redhead so I never get a deep tan and it means gradual tan products like this don’t make a huge difference. So, I always go for the darker version because they have more oomph. 

I like this one, because it has sparkly bits in it and they make me happy. To be honest its not the best moisturiser I’ve used, it’d take a lot to wean me off Palmers Cocoa Butter but I don’t use that every day because it is quite rich. 

I would buy this again but mainly for the shimmer and the hint of colour, but I bet there is a better one out there. The smell isn’t that great either, not like cocoa butter which is my favourite.


2 thoughts on “Dove Summer Glow Soft Shimmer body lotion

  1. That is the same product I’m using at the moment. A friend commented that I looked well, and she could tell that I’m outdoors a lot as I had a nice colour. When I said it was from using this, she said “what do you want to use fake tan for?”. Well, for the reason you just said, I look well with a bit of colour, and with the weather we have been having, I looked more like a very pale ghost.

    • That’s so funny. Actually now that I’ve run out of it and my arms are going back to their natural colour I realise the self tan did more than I thought it did. Turns out my natural colour is pinky blue.

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