Clarins Eye Contour Balm

images2TYOLJS0On the tube it very modestly claims to soften fine lines.  That’s it.  I’m so used to products promising the earth, the moon and the stars above I wouldn’t be too surprised to find an eye balm that offers to do your hovering.  Its a surprise to find something that does one thing and does that thing really well.

I love this, I bought it after talking to the salesperson which is not something I usually do because I hate having things sold ‘at’ me.  I think I’m going to have to rethink that standpoint though because if I hadn’t spoken to her I would have used far too much of this.  You really need the teensiest bit, about a millimetre or two that you pat below your eye and out over your crows feet. Once a day. I went for last thing at night but you can do it anytime.  You really don’t need to use it any more than that.

Quite simply it works. My eyes looks tons better for using this and the effects were fast.  My crows feet diminished rapidly and even now I’ve used it up they haven’t come back nearly so badly. I will definitely buy this again but I have another two eye products to use first.  Love it.

Because you only need to use a little bit it lasts for a long long time. I reckon I used my tube for a good six or seven months.  I’ve got a tip for you too. When you think it’s empty pop it in your handbag and let it rattle around I there freely for a couple of weeks and you’ll find there’s another week’s worth in there. 10/10


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