Gin Poodles

ImageI love a bit of kitsch, I’m really not into minimalism at all and I definitely do not want a show home, I like a home to be filled with things you fall in love with and make you smile.

I’ve always liked the things you’re not supposed to like, I’d love a crinoline lady on my loo roll, none of my crockery matches and my living room is full of knitted poodles.  Actually the poodle take-over isn’t too bad at the moment because there are only four in here so here are some photos of Gin Poodles that have since been rehomed via my Etsy shop –


A Gin Poodle is a bottle cosy, or rather something you use to hide your bottles of gin from prying eyes.

Image   Lots of people have told me their grannie had one of these as a loo roll cover back in the 60s or 70s, I think the ones they mean are crocheted and had long floppy ears, I developed this style based on those but I’ve fluffed mine out to make it a bit more cuddly and fun.

The body goes over the bottle, and the head sits on the top, the head comes off to reveal the bottle top.


This one is actually sitting on a bottle of rice wine vinegar, I’m not much of a drinker so I quickly ran out of bottles of booze for my poodles to sit on.  I say they are for gin but they fit a bottle of wine perfectly. The neck on a bottle of champagne is a bit on the long side and who hides champagne anyway?



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