bareMinerals Active Cell Renewal Night Serum

ImageI haven’t used a serum in a very long time. No real reason for it I’ve just let it slip from my routine. I bought this one by chance – it came as part of a set I bought from, they do very good deals on beauty brands. My one was only 15mls but if you buy it direct from BM its £38 for 30mls. 

If that seems like quite a lot of money it will last you months on end so don’t be put off by that. My 15mls lasted for ages.

I am always sceptical about claims made by skincare companies, there’s just so much junk out there but this stuff is the real deal. I noticed a big difference right from the first time I used it. You will wake up looking really well. I wake up with skin that is smooth, fresh looking and unlined. I’ve tried not using it for a day or so before going back to it and I always notice the change.  I’ve actually run out of it at the moment and I can feel the loss every morning. 

The texture is very smooth, it goes on nice and easy all over and sinks in immediately so your skin doesn’t feel greasy or clogged. Its not overly scented, it just has a light sort of herby smell.

I’m definitely buying this again, its youth in a dropper.



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