Neutrogena pink grapefruit face wash

ImagePink grapefruit is my favourite smell for toiletries.  If there is a pink grapefruit option I will normally plump for it, to the extent that I used to buy a Body Shop soap quite regularly just for the smell, I don’t really like soap, its too messy slopping about on the sink and god knows what filth gets pressed into it.

 I’ve veered quite a long way off track there.  This facewash is a winner. It lathers enough but not so much that it foams up into your eyes or mouth, it cleans the face very well and it smells lovely.  It doesn’t dry my skin out and it works well with my TreSonic face brush.  I’ve been trying to make it last but the sad day has come and I have to move on. I’m giving this 10/10 and will definitely be buying more.

 Its some kind of Elemis resurfacing thing next, I’m really not that impressed with Elemis so I’m missing the pink stuff already and it’s only been 13 hours.


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