Mally liquid lip colour

imageI am a fan of Mally, I love watching her on QVC, she’s so funny, she gives great tips and her signature look is fabulous.

I don’t like everything she does, her mascaras are incredible and so are her crayon eyeshadows, her black eyeliner is one of my favourite things. Her two-step concealer I think doesn’t do the job as well as some cheapo ones I’ve used and that odd gelish gunge that’s supposed to be better than face powder you can keep.  Now I’m adding this lip colour to my list of avoids.  The applicator is horrible, you have to click the end to push the colour up through the brush. Its so noisy! I hate it.  The texture of the lipcolour itself is horrible, its too thick and pasty, its like smearing icing over your lips. The colour is beautiful, its the exact shade of pink I have been looking for but its gone within no time at all of applying.

Terrible stuff. 1/10 for being the right colour.


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