If he turned back

I don’t know about you, but I like a secret. Nothing dramatic, just a little something just for me.  Silly things that I wouldn’t care if anyone found out about but the fact of doing them sneakily makes them fun.

Mostly I do this stuff when my boyfriend goes out. He’s really easy going, its not like he would mind me doing any of this stuff, its all harmless anyway.

So here are my favourite things that he would catch me doing if he turned back:

1. Chocolate biscuits and black coffee.  Just a couple but they taste even better on the sly.

2. Plucking. I’m a demon with the tweezers, someone should really take them off me.

3. My roots, again STEP AWAY FROM THE DYE TANIS. I should just go to the hairdresser and get it done properly but the thrill of gambling with ending up looking like the incredible hulk is slightly addictive.

4. QVC – the soundtrack to my life.

5. Watching old black and white films. I love the glamour and the stories are so much better. Not so keen on colour and I never watch old films that don’t have women in because its the clothes, hair and make-up I’m really interested in.

6. Playing Bingo Blitz on Facebook. I am a secret grannie.

7. Ironing, I know its weird but I quite like ironing, its the smell mainly but also I like to do it when I’m alone so no-one can tell me not to bother ironing pants.


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