Church weddings for sale

I’ve only been to a couple of church weddings but I’ve met tons of people who got married in church. Now, what do you think most of those happy couples have in common?

That’s right, they’re not Christians or they may have CofE on their birth certificate but they are not practising Christians in any way. Yet the church is perfectly happy to marry them so long as they stump up £450 plus extras & VAT. Maybe they’ve been asked to attend some services in the run up, or a short course but not always.

The vicar and the couple know that once the wedding is done they’ll never meet again and so this is just a hoop to jump through to get access to the Traditional Wedding Theme Park.

I even went to one church wedding where the couple were obsessed with vampires, their wedding outfits were even inspired by vampire literature, the ushers and bridesmaids were dressed the same and quite a few of the guests.

So how comes if you can marry occultists in church a gay couple’s money is no good – even if they turned out to be honestly practising Christians? I just don’t get it, a vicar will pimp out their church quite happily to anyone except a same-sex couple.


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