Workshops – a quiet addiction

I think I could become a bit addicted to one-day workshops, it’s a manageable addiction as long as you don’t go for the super expensive ones.  It started off years ago when I did a one day workshop on making a small quilt in an adult learning centre in dear old Walthamstow.  Oh now that was a lovely workshop. I made the most gorgeous quilt (in my mind) and gave it away without taking pictures because of course I was going to make hundreds of them.  Never made another.  Still mean to.

Then I joined a regular one-day beading workshop at Fleet Library, only £20 for a whole day! What a bargain, but then factor in the need to provide all your own materials and that somehow the next project always needs you to buy more, more, more and before you know it you’ve spent another £10 and you go home with another unfinished project to add to the guilt-pile.

I signed up for a one-day goldwork course at Pandora’s in Guildford.  That’s a nice venue for a workshop but a bit more expensive at £55 for the day but then again all materials thrown in.  The teacher was Sophie Long who is without a doubt a well-qualified expert and is very good at passing on skills.  You get what you pay for.  My attempt was beautifully framed at Fleet Frames (on Kings Road) who I would certainly recommend, if its worth framing its worth framing properly.  I think it cost me nearly £50 but it was worth every penny they spent quite a long time with me to make sure we got the combination of frame style and mount colours correct.

At Unravel I did the Knitting with Beads workshop by the wonderful Fiona Morris.  I think adding beads to knitted lace could be something I could really get into.  Please do have a look at her website when you have time Fiona’s a great teacher and she teaches in a variety of locations. I bought a few patterns from her too.

Just the other weekend I did a mini-workshop at the Make-It Show in Farnborough where I made that lovely felt needlecase you might have seen my other post about. I wish craft and haberdashery shops would do mini informal drop in workshops like that, I’d love to be able to have a little go at something in my lunchbreak.

Now my friend has introduced me to The Bead Base in Basingstoke who also do beading workshops, I’m very tempted.

Also on my radar are the Japanese Embroidery group that meet in Yately twice a month, now that is something I would like to get into. Its just too beautiful. I have to join them.

My problem is I think I’m running out of time to do everything. There just aren’t enough weekends. Maybe I should ditch the beading…


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