Asper and Jones Peony Hand and Nail Cream £4.99 for 250ml from TK Maxx


Normally I would buy a 75ml tube of handcream from Superdrug, a Vaseline or own brand one for a couple of pounds and then not use it very much, so on volume alone this is a good deal.  I bought mine on a recommendation from a friend and I love it. 


 The only thing that worries me about this handcream is being able to get hold of more of it in the future.  The stock at TK Maxx is very random and marvellous for it but I know I will want more of this when the time comes.


 The smell is absolutely divine, it’s a realistic rather than synthetic smell and you can smell it on your skin for quite a while after you’ve put it on.  It is floral, but not sickly or ‘old lady’.  On top of all that this stuff actually works.  I’ve noticed now that I’m in my 40’s my hands do get dry and in the winter especially they can get very dry and even cracked in the webby bit between my fingers.  Where I used to be rather slap dash about putting on hand cream after washing my hands now I do it every single time.


 I find the cheapo versions do very little at all, I did use the Clarins one for a while and that does work well but the smell isn’t that great.  With this one the only down side is the size, it’s a huge tube so you can’t carry it around in your handbag.




I would say you will see a benefit to the appearance of your hands from the very first time you use this.  Keep going with it and your hands will be softer, look younger and be more smooth within a month.  


 I do an awful lot of knitting, crochet and sewing which makes my fingers very dry, what I try to remember to do now is to slather on a generous amount of this before I start knitting to stop the yarn from drying out my fingers too much, obviously let it sink in properly before you start working if you want to do this but I haven’t noticed and transference of product onto my knitting or sewing. 



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