Make It Show at Five, Farnborough

This was my third visit to the Make it Show, I’m not sure how long its been running in total.  The first year it was virtually all card making and that’s not my thing so I found it quite boring.  The second year it had a better mixture with some beading and knitting stalls too, this year it’s improved again. There was a much better mixture of crafts, its still very heavy on the card making but it’s a popular craft so I can’t complain too much.

What was really nice was that alongside the official workshops that had been organised (again heavy on the paper crafts) a few of the stalls ran their own mini-workshops.  If I say so myself I made the nicest cutest needle case you ever did see. I’ll take a photo of it and add it to my blog later on if I get a chance. I did that with the Embroiderers Guild who are hoping to start a new group in Farnborough, there will be an exploratory meeting on 18th April in the evening.  I would love to join but evenings are a pain in the jacksy.  I’ve been meaning to buy a needle case for ages and haven’t seen one I liked so far so for £5 with materials thrown in this made my day.  I’m delighted with it.

IMAG0272 (3)IMAG0274 (3)IMAG0273 (3)

IMAG0275 (3) IMAG0276 (3)


The biggest let-down of the show again was the awful refreshments, you could basically have chips, more chips, cheesy chips, a hog roast, super-greasy noodles or a cheese and tomato sandwich all at eyewatering prices.  I had a hot chocolate and a really ropey muffin for £5! I kicked myself for not bringing my own. I think it was the same people that catered last year and they haven’t improved their customer service either. Rough!

I saw Marilyn, who runs the beading workshop I go to once a month on a card stall so I had a bit of a chat with her for a while. She’d bought some lovely vintage buttons.

The other big treat of the day was the Japanese Embroidery people, see the link below for the most beautiful work.  The Japanese Embroidery people are at every single craft show, their work is exquisite and its something I’d love to have a go at doing.  They use silks and beading to create beautiful art.  Honestly it makes me go swoony.  The problem is they’re a prickly bunch.  I’ve never managed to get close to one, they’re usually all set up stitiching away but they concentrate hard on not making eye contact and if you try to start a conversation you get short shrift indeed.  Not with the Yateley Group.  You couldn’t hope to meet nicer women, the tutor was there with one of her (must be) star pupils and they couldn’t have been more willing to indulge me and my cooing. I loved them. Count me in! Even better they’re only in Yately and they do workshops twice a month for a whole day on SATURDAYS!! Finally something that’s available to people that work full time.  They even lend you the frame, awl and some other doings for the first three months. You have to buy the instruction book yourself and the threads etc but its not that expensive.  I am going to be a very happy woman indeed if I can join that happy band.

I still couldn’t find anyone selling knitting needle cases or or nice row counters.  That’ll be something to look for when I go off to Olympia in a couple of weeks time with Trumans Coaches.  My first coach trip – I cannot wait.


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