Today I’m making…. 1960s style knitted beret

beretOn the needles today is a lovely soft beret, I’m making it using a burgundy Bramwell 4ply yarn on a big cone so its not really transportable. The rib part takes forever because it’s quite deep and the needles are smallish. I think burgundy/wine is a much more versatile colour for accessories than you’d think at first.  Its goes well with black, its a colour but not an in your face colour and it goes well with all hair colours because of the blue purple tone. That means it’s fine for redheads where a red or pink might not be.

I have tons of projects on the go and only do little bits at a time when I’m in the mood to do them. I’ve finished making a small white snood today already (but haven’t taken photos so its not listed in my Etsy shop) and I really should be doing five 8″ strips of delica peyote for next month’s beading workshop but I’m in a plain knitting mood this evening.

I’ve made a couple of these before but with a shimmery sparkly yarn mixed in with them.  This one I’m going to keep nice and simple and see what sort of reaction it gets in my Etsy shop.  Here is a link to the nice dark green one I’ve got listed already, this one has some green lurex type yarn running through it.

I don’t think there is any chance at all of my finishing this tonight so you might well see it crop up here again at some point. I’m using some wooden needles that were a present, I’m not overly keen on them, I keep thinking I’m going to snap them and one pair from the same set splintered at the tip so I’m knitting on tenterhooks.



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