Elemis – Balancing Lavender Toner

balavton-largeI bought this as part of a set from QVC, there was only 50mls of the toner but a full size of the cleanser so I was a bit worried that this wouldn’t last five minutes but I’m very happy to say it lasted for ages, at least a couple of months because with this toner a little goes a long way.

I found I only needed to use about 3-4 drops on a cotton wool pad to do my whole face and my neck.  The lavender scent is quite strong, which I like because it smells nice and fresh, but if you think of it as an old lady smell don’t worry, the smell does not linger on your skin.

I really go to town cleansing my face, I do subscribe to the ‘spend as much time taking your makeup off as you spend putting it on’ view so I wonder sometimes if I need to bother with a toner at all.  After using this the need for toner is obvious, it finds little bits of cleanser that I’ve missed and sometimes I’d even see my yellow-toned Bare Minerals primer on the pad! Despite it being hard working it does not tighten your skin up too much or leave it feeling dry, just ‘finished’.

Its good stuff, now I’ve used it up I’m going to miss it. I’m waiting for a full size to come up on offer on QVC to replace it.


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