Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

This came as part of a gift set I snaffled when I bought some Eye Contour Balm and that disappointing foundation that I’ve forgotten the name of. I do


love a bonus gift.  It’s a very effective way of making me buy things I neither want or need.  Mind you this version came in a decent size toiletry bag too, I’m using that in the bathroom at the moment and will probably use it for my holiday bag too when the time comes. And that time cannot come quickly enough.

Back to the handcream, its a decent size for a freebie at 30ml and it lasted for ages, I was using it as my office handcream and sometimes as my handbag one too so it got a fair bit of usage.  A little goes a long way.

The texture is nice, it’s a fairly firm cream so not runny or oily.  It sinks into your skin nice and quickly so your hands are not left feeling gloopy and it does what it promises too.

Where I sew and knit quite a lot I do get dry patches on my fingers and this really did make my hands softer, you instantly notice the difference on the back of your hands too, it makes them look lovely and smooth, I think the slightly beige tone to the cream does something to even colouration too. I don’t think I imagined that.

I’m only giving it an 8/10 though, even though it’s an excellent hand and nail cream the smell is chemical rather than organic and I like my hand cream to smell nice.  Its quite a big thing for me, it makes it a treat.  I really didn’t like the smell of this one so while I’d buy it again at the drop of a hat if it smelt of vanilla there’s not really much chance that I will be using again unless I get it in another bonus gift set one day.

clarins bag


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