Clinique Even Better Foundation


After all the heavy advertising on this product I can’t say I was all that keen to try it for myself. There is something about that liver-spotted egg being glooped over with runny beige that I find off-putting.

So, a friend of mine bought a pot and didn’t get on with it, she thought the coverage was a bit disappointing so she passed it to me.  Yeah yeah I know some people might turn up their nose at the idea of using someone else’s makeup but my friends are all clean and tidy, the only thing I’m going to catch from them is a bit more style.

So, I gave it a good go, it’s a nice foundation and I found the coverage to be pretty good but it wasn’t all that.  Actually I find the Clinique tinted moisturiser nicer.  I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between using this and Rimmel. It lasts well enough if you use a powder over the top, otherwise it will get a bit shiney. Whiile the coverage is OK its not going to cover up dark patches, the advertising makes it look like you’d get an airbrushed finish that would do away with the need for concealer and that certainly wasn’t the case for me.

It won’t be tempting me away from my Bare Minerals. I’m going to give this a 5/10


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