HMV – taking themselves to the skidpan

Yesterday morning I popped in the huge HMV store in Guildford, just on a whim, on my way to work.

I was looking for that new Jools Holland CD which they never have in stock but I did pick up six impulse buys. Yes, that’s right six, and one of those was a double album.  There were two staff in the shop and I think there was only me and one other customer. When I went the tills both staff members came over too. So far so good, eh? But. I waited right in the middle of the bank of tills, one assistant stood at one end with his back to me, writing on a clipboard, the other one logged in to a pc at the other end and started typing away.  At first I thought he was logging into a till to serve me so I walked towards him a few steps but then i was obvious he was using the pc instead so I just sort of hung around feeling a bit out of place.  Both assistants ignored me.

I had so much stuff in my hands I actually dropped the double CD on the floor, the case smashed to smithereens but I picked it all up and was still going to buy it, the case doesn’t matter. Still the staff ignored me, despite me making a massive noise smashing the stock right in front of them. So I gave them a countdown, 10 down to 1. When I got to one I said, quite loudly “OK then, keep them” and dumped my stack of CDS on a shelf and left the shop.

And you know what, that isn’t the first time its happened to me in there. Its no wonder they’ve hit the skids.


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