I’ve decided to give up Slimming World, well I’m giving up going to the meetings, not the eating plan, though from experience this is not a good move I’m going solo.  I’ve been going since the end of July 2012 and have lost over 2 stones so its been a massive success, I’m just fed up with the group. 

Our group got so big and unwieldy our consultant had to split it into two sessions, I can only make it to the later session which means I get home for half an hour then have to go out again just to get weighed and hand over my money but the group finishes too late for me to be able to stay on.  What is the point in paying £4.50 a week to stand on someone else’s scales?

This is traditionally where I start to go wrong, if no-one’s looking its all too easy to slip into mañana-mañana mode and bring back into bad habits then before you know where you are you’re busting out the size 14s again.  So I’m going to do my weigh-ins here. 

 Today I weigh 9st 10lbs, which is a bit of a shocker but me and  Andy went out for a massive Chinese last Tuesday so that accounts for the 1lb gain.  To be honest I think 1lb is getting off lightly considering how much I stuffed in. 


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