Ultrasun Ultralip SPF 15 (Medium)

I’ve never really been a fan of lip balms, they never do what they promise and just make your Imagelips feel a bit slimey.   The last ones I bought (and binned) were those awful Body Shop little pots that are supposed to be fruity flavours and colours. Synthetic messy vileness in a pot.

Cue my minor addiction to the tv shopping channel QVC.  (www.qvcuk.com) with a holiday on the horizon.  What I was really after was some sun lotion and some tan accelerating body lotion. I didn’t buy either of those, the presentation and reviews for these lip balms were so good I couldn’t resist.  

As I get older I’ve noticed my lips dry out in the cold weather much more easily, I even get a dry cracked flaking lip line which is far from attractive in itself but to make matters worse I find myself gnawing at it which makes me look quite a lot like a an orang-utan practising gurning. Time to get some decent lip balm. 

So, you get three in a pack from QVC for £11, I’ve kept two and given one to a friend who never lets me down with beauty recommendations (its because of her I’m a slave to Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream). I took one on holiday to Greece and my lips did not dry out at all despite spending every single day for 14 days swimming in the sea, a chlorinated pool and sunbathing. Marvellous. 

Now that the weather has turned colder it still hasn’t let me down, I put a bit on in the morning as a combination of treatment and lipstick primer, again after lunch, and a little bit more on the way home. I’m still on the first tube. This stuff lasts amazingly well. I’ve been using this same tube for about five months now and I have half an inch left. 

The balm’s texture is smooth, not greasy or slimey, there’s no flavour or scent (personally I would like a bit of vanilla) and it lasts well, even after drinking umpteen cups of coffee.  If like me you find lipstick can be a bit drying this makes a great lip base.


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