Nivea Double EffectI bought this eye-makeup remover thinking it would be just like the Boots Botanicals Icelandic Moss, which is fantastic stuff. I have a friend who swears by that stuff and she’s never let me down on a recommendation yet.

This stuff is half wrong, the oily blue half is great, it does a lovely job of taking off all makeup and makes a decent enough job of getting off waterproof mascara, its only when you shake it up to mix in the clear stuff that it all goes wrong. The clear stuff has some magical property that renders the blue stuff completely ineffective, but once you’ve used up the clear stuff you’ve got a perfectly good oil based eye make up remover.  Luckily the clear stuff seems to mix in unevenly so you’ll get through it pretty quickly if you do decide to buy a pot of your own.

If you do like an oily make up remover, and I do, then go for the Boots Botanical Icelandic Whatever It Is.  In an emergency or if you like a cheap natural option just use olive oil, ok you’ll smell like salad dressing but its fantastic for taking off eye make-up, doesn’t irritate and its nice to your skin. Of course you’ll want to steer well clear of anything oil based if you have gel nails or lash extensions because it’ll lift those off too.

I’d give this remover 3/10.



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