Taking the plunge

I’ve done it, or maybe I’ve gawn and dun it. I’ve signed up to take a stall at a craft fair in Hook, Hampshire on 25th November. 


I’m so worried about it, I really want to do it but I’m equally worried I’ll look an utter berk, people will openly laugh at my wares, I’ll be out of pocket and come home sniveling. 

I’ve prepared a little list of things I’ll need to take with me on the day:

1. A tin to put the money in.  I’ve got a lovely little biscuit tin that I think will do very well for this job. I did think about actually buying a cash tin but I think that might be overly confident. 

2. Flask of coffee. Quite a big one, but then what do I do about bladder control? I imagine a she-wee is not the done thing. 

3. Paper price tags and gold safety pins. For the pricing of things. I hate it when you have to ask what the price is of everything. I never buy from people that don’t display prices. 

4. Drawstring organza bags. For the happy wrapping of purchases. I have tons of these fellers in a variety of sizes. I went on a bit of a mad spree buying them ages ago. I knew they’d come in handy one day. 

5. Small carrier bags.  I think I’ll just collect up a whole load of carriers from my normal shopping life. Though that looks a bit rubbish doesn’t it? I can always pull the reuse, recycle angle though. 

6. Card to use like place names to name items and display the price of things I can’t pin a tag to. 

7. Mailing list/prize draw sheet. This is giving myself the added pressure of organising a prize draw and coming up with a prize so I might ditch this idea.

8. Business cards. For the lining of handbags and recycling bins. 

9. Float money.  This is a bit of a minefield, how much? What denominations? I don’t think I’ll need a lot but some fivers, tenners and a fair few pound coins should do me. 

10. Plastic wine bottles for displaying Gin Poodles. I don’t really want anyone knocking over a glass bottle and smashing it do I? 

11. Stock. Eek. Quite a lot of it.  Double eek.  I need to make at least 50 pom-poms in the next 16 days. 



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