I love London

You should already know that there is nowhere better in the whole wide world to be on a sunny day than London. The sunshine takes the fabulousness of the city and turns it into something other-worldly in its beauty. Of course there’s more to London than the pretty run down grime, there are the people. All of them sprinkled with gold dust inside.

London simply cannot be beaten for people watching. I’m not just talking about the beautiful, the stylish or even the crazies. I admire the brave people. The ones that are outside of fashion but not quite crazies. I do not mean the dull tribespeople like the goths or beardies I mean the middle-aged guy sitting next to me on the tube wearing an enormous Yamamoto style neck snood with an ordinary dull red anorak over very thick black woollen leggings. He was quite a chunky bloke too to be so comfortable in chunky knitwear.  Quite strikingly like a more attractive Salman Rushdie.

Thankfully he’d learned the lesson young girls seem to have failed to take in this generation, you have to cover up the whole arse and gusset area when wearing leggings or you look obscene not sexy. So this guy was wearing a pair of even thicker chunkier woolen cable knit cycling shorts over the top of his leggings, they were just baggy enough to not cling without being too saggy-dreadful.

You know what else? Both pairs though clean were really bobbly so this means it must be a favourite outfit. He got off st Manor Park if you want him.


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