Weight loss

I think I may have mentioned I'm back on the Slimming World, things got out of hand with the biscuit munching so Steps Had to be Taken.

I'm not a great one for joining in but I had a bit of a go at smiling at the odd person here and there at last night's weigh-in and it was OK but it was only a few seconds because I had my knitting with me and a lovely big fat copy of Elle magazine to drool over. Before you start thinking I've thawed I did give a frosty special tight smile to the woman ahead of me in the queue who is always sodding well ahead of me and insists on droning on and on to me about barbeques. I hate barbeques and I'm not overly fond of women that never wear make-up so with a bit of luck she'll leave me alone from now on.

So now I've got you feeling all warm and fuzzy towards me you'll want to share in my good news at losing 3lbs this week which means a whole stone in total. That sounds great doesn't it? Well I have another three stones to lose so no great cause for celebration yet but I'm 25% there.


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