Hello Slimming World – remember me?

I have rejoined Slimming World, I had chunked up a bit over the last year and enough is enough.  I did it before and it worked wonders so here I am again dodging cakes and getting though an awful lot of Mullerlight yoghurts.

Thankfully the freaky consutant at Fleet (with her super-creepy husband) has been replaced by the glam and sane Viv. Well, she appears sane so far and that's as far as I'm prepared to go.

Talking of going, I've lost 11lbs in 6 weeks so its going well.  I do find the whole group thing a bit hard going, what with me not being a big fan of friendliness and people and that sort of thing.  I do like people watching though so I just take my book for the dull queing bit (why does the weigh-in bit always take forever?) and then when they start the meeting bit I whip out my knitting and use it as a shield. 

This week though a particularly nice and annoying not at all fat looking that I could see, girl asked me who taught me to knit and when.  It was my mum when I was about five I think and as she's a bit on the dead side she won't be teaching anyone else.  Then when I got home I thought about it a bit more and decided I'd offer to teach the girl to knit if she wants. So that's what I'm going to do, and one of her friends. More if she can gather some together though they better not be sniffers.!


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