Goldwork – Framed at last

I think it might have been nearly a year ago that I did a goldwork one-day workshop in Pandora in Guildford. Below is a pic of what I came home with and the final framed result.

It then took me months on end to finish the last of the embroidery and just as long again to actually take to the framers and get it on the wall.

It was a lovely day, I must say I’m not overly keen on Pandora, I find the staff very hit and miss, mostly miss, but the person running the course was a outsider and was absolutely great. Its a huge shame that they don’t seem to be using her again this year because I was looking forward to doing another.

I don’t think goldwork is something I would do regularly, I’m really not a goldy person but the techniques were interesting and it did remind me that embroidery and surface embellishment are my first love and that I should really try to keep my hand in.

Have I though? Have I chuff.

Here’s a picture – the framing was done by Fleet Frames, who did an excellent job of it (not the double mount to keep the glass from squishing the embroidery, and were really lovely when I went it to place the order and to collect the finished item. Really, if you live near me and need something framed they would be the only people I’d recommend. They sell some gorgeous ready made frames too.


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