goodbye train slobs

This week is my final week (fingers crossed) of commuting by train because I get my car on Saturday.


Knowing I’m not going to have to put up with them for much longer is making putting up with the slobs that sniff and hawk, the swines that try to dig their elbows into you, the cowards that try to take up all the space so you have to sit like a contortionist and the filthy gogs that put their dirty shoes on the seats even harder to bear. I’m dying to tell them what I think but I don’t really want to get stabbed….


I’m also wishing I could rescue the nice people, there are two really nice girls that do the same journey as me, if I didn’t hate company so much I’d offer them a lift in with me as from next week. I’m sure they’ll be alright. tempted to give them each a card in case of train delay emergencies though!

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