Writer’s Block: It’s the first day of winter

I cannot say I love winter, if the fateful day ever comes that I scoop a massive lottery win, the top item on my list of things to do is 'Never see winter again'. 

Having said that, summer though lovely is a wardrobe nightmare for me as I don't suit short sleeved things or floaty things so winter is my third-best opportunity to be dressed for the season – spring and autumn are my best bets – I like boots, cardigans, big snuggly scarves and all manner of hats are very dear to me. 

I very much like having the heating on and being all toasty indoors, I have grown into being very much a stay at home woman in stark contrast to my youth when all I ever seemed to do was either go out, plan a night out or get ready to go out. 

But best of all, surely, and the only thing that keeps you going when its grim outside is….. Baileys. Mmm-mmmn. Actually I don't have any in. Excuse me.


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